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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.Salam sejahtera buat sahabat - sahabat ain kasihi sekalian.Moga sahabat senantiasa dalam lindungan Allah SWT, aamiin.

Di dalam menyampaikan dakwah, dalam menyebarkan kebaikkan, kita tidak perlu menjadi seorang yang hebat dalam berkata-kata.Kita tidak perlu menjadi seorang yang hebat dalam berbicara.Kita tidak perlu hebat dalam mengatur tutur kata agar orang sekeliling mendengar apa yang cuba disampaikan.

Cukup sekadar dengan menjaga adab diri.Cukup sekadar mempunyai mempunyai rasa kasih, cinta dan ikhlas pada Allah SWT.

Hati ini Allah yang pegang.Hanya Allah yang mampu membolak-balikkan hati ini.


Kerdilnya diri ini...

Di sini, ain ingin kongsikan nurkilan yang ain peroleh dari page KQZ Institute.

Moga memberi manfaat dan pedoman buat kita bersama.

Selamat membaca!

Who is Habib Umar bin Hafiz?

Once during the annual conference of da'īs (people who call others to the path of Allah) conducted by Dar al Mustafā, al Habib Alī Jifrī told a really powerful story on the methods of da'wah to the people present. It was a story about his own personal beloved teacher, Habīb Umar.

He said, When I was 9, and at that time, Habib Umar was about 14, I was studying in Tarim. At that time, there was a group who were oppressing the people, the communists. Anyone who wanted to do da'wah was prevented. And even if they were allowed to, they had to go through this oppressive government and gotten approval first. It was a dark time where even the women were not spared. It happened that one day, the last day that Habib Umar was to see his father, after praying, his father left the masjid and went to seek approval from the government authorities for a khutbah he wanted to give.

So on that fateful day, he left, and was never to be seen again. Habib Umar searched for his father. Just imagine a young man at that age losing his father all of a sudden. He asked the people but no one knew where his father was. All that was left was a rida (a cloth they place over their shoulders) that his father left with him after the prayer. At that point, it was just Habīb 'Umar and his older brother, Habīb Alī al Mashhur who was in Tarim. Their mother was in Makkah and their siblings were out of Tarim.

But Habib umar maintained his composure and did not fall into depression about the disappearance of his father. Rather, he was more concerned about what his father wanted to say to the people on that day in calling them to Allah. At that time, Habib Kadhim, Shaykh Umar al Khatib and I, together with some other friends of ours. At that time I wanted to study with Habib Alī al Mashhur (Habib Umar's older brother) Whenever we went to him, we had to do it secretly and hide our books in our clothes or in vegetable baskets, out of fear of being caught by the communists. It was really difficult at that time to seek true Islamic knowledge...

When Habib Umar was 16, he began to go out into the public to call people to Islam throughout Tarim. The communist regime had created a generation of people who were ignorant of the religion. He began teaching in the mosques and urging people to do good deeds. When he was about 20 he travelled to Bayda, in hopes to travel to makkah from there in order to continue his studies. With only 100 Yemeni riyals (about 60 cents), and not asking for money from anyone, he set out and travelled to Bayda. The moment he arrived, he met with Habib Muhammad, his father's close friend and sought his permission to go and study in Makkah. However Habib Muhammad did not permit him going and requested that he studied in Bayda first.

So for the next ten years or so Habib Umar studied there, living with really the bare minimal. Every day he would only eat a type of biscuit that cost 5 riyals. But by his sincerity and struggle, Allah granted him immense knowledge and ranking. There was once when Habib Umar wanted to da'wah to the people of Bayda, he went to a field where there were young boys playing soccer.

He sat there and watched them play till they had finished their game. Then he called them to him.. He said, "I enjoyed watching you guys play really well just now. Tomorrow I want to come again and give the winning team a prize, but on condition that you all wear long pants such that your aurah is covered." The boys were so taken in by his good naturedness and akhlaq that they agreed... The next day, Habib came back and watched the game, with every boy now wearing pants. And as promised, he gave the winning team a prize.Before leaving to go home, Habib Umar said to them while smiling pleasantly: "I have honored you by attending your game. Would it be okay if you honoured me by attending my class for just a short while?" The boys responded, "we are shy to attend your class because great scholars are there attending." Habib Umar said, "if that's the case, then come at night when there's no one else" The boys were so taken in by the adab and akhlaq and how Habib addressed them that they agreed and began attending classes. They were touched that someone of that status amongst the ulama would honour them like that. And today, these boys have grown into 'ulamā` in Bayda.

When it comes to da'wah, people go from place to place, and they have succeeded. But Habib Umar goes from heart to heart. Every single person counts. This is not written to aggrandize him.. But to teach you on his gentle methods of da'wah. On how he brings people to Allah, with utmost sincerity.

It is not that if u want to da'wah that u have to be extremely knowledgeable, or be a great speaker. You just have to have love and sincerity with Allah... Because it's only Allah who has control over the hearts of people. Many people think that to da'wah, they have to have immediate response and they have to see the results at their hands. But they fail to realise that it is not them who moves hearts. It's Allah. (while Habib Ali al Jifri was relating all this, Habib Umar was weeping silently)

Muhasabah diri.

Salam Perjuangan,
NurAin Vivian


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sahabat ain kasihi sekalian.Moga senantiasa dalam rahmat dan lindungan Allah SWT, aamiin.

Alhamdulillah di kesempatan ini ain ingin berkongsi nurkilan Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad.

Moga nurkilan ini yang disampaikan dalam bentuk Qasidah dapat mengubat hati sahabat ain disini yang sedang dalam kesempitan mahupun kegelisahan.

Sahabat boleh dapati Qasidah ini melalui Youtube yea.

   " قد كفاني علم ربي  "                        

"Cukup Bagiku Pengetahuan Tuhanku"

قَدْ كَفَانِي عِلْمُ رَبِّي
Cukup bagiku pengetahuan Tuhanku

مِنْ سُؤَالِي وَاخْتِيَارِي
Daripada permintaan dan usahaku

فَدُعَـائِي وابْتِهـَالِي
Doa serta permohonanku

اشَـاهِدٌ لِي بِفْتِقَارِي
Sebagai bukti pada kefakiranku

فَلِهَذَا السِّرِّ أَدْعُـو
Oleh kerana rahsia itu aku berdoa

فِي يَسَارِيْ وَعَسَارِي
Pada saat aku senang dan susah

أَنَا عَبْدٌ صَارَ فَخْرِي
Aku adalah hamba, menjadi kebanggaanku
ضِمْنَ فَقْرِي وَاضْطِرَارِي
Dalam kefakiran dan keperluanku

يَا إِلَـهِي وَمَلِيْـكِي
Wahai tuhanku yang memiliki aku

أنْتَ تَعْلَمُ كَيْفَ حَالِي
Kau Maha tahu akan keadaanku

وَبِمَا قَدْ حَـلَّ قَلْبِـي
Dan apa yang berada dalam hatiku

مِنْ هُمُوْمٍ وَاشْتِغَالِـي
Dari kesedihan dan kesibukanku

فَتَـدَارَكْنِي بِلُطْفٍ
Maka tolonglah aku dengan kelembutan

مِنْكَ يَا مَوْلَى الْمَوَالِي
Dari-Mu Wahai Tuhan seluruh hamba

يَا كَرِيْمَ الْوًَجْهِ غِثْنِي

Wahai yang Maha Pemurah tolonglah hamba

قَبْلَ أنْ يَفْنَى اصْطِبَارِي
Sebelum lenyap kesabaran hamba

يَا سَرِيْعَ الْغَوْثِ غَوْثًا
Wahai pemberi pertolongan dengan segera

مِنْكَ يُدْرِكْنَا سَرِيْعًا
Berilah kami dengan segera pertolongan-Mu

يَهْزِمُ الْعُسْرَ وَيَأْتِي
Yang dapat menghilangkan kesulitan dan dapat mendatangkan

بِالَّذِي نَرْجُو جَمِيْـعًا
Dengan apa-apa yang kami harapkan semua

يا قَرِيْـبًا يا مُجِيْـبًا
Wahai yang Maha dekat, dan menjawab

يا عَلِيْمًا يا سَمِيْـعًا
Wahai yang Maha mengetahui dan mendengar

قَدْ تَحَقَّقْتُ بِعَجْزِي
Aku mengaku akan kelemahanku

وخُضُوْعِي وانْكِسَارِي
Dan ketaatan serta kesedihanku

لَمْ أَزَلْ بِالْبَابِ وَاقِفْ
Aku sentiasa menunggu di hadapan pintu rahmat-Mu

فَارْحَمَنْ ربِّي وُقُوْفِي
Wahai Tuhanku berikanlah rahmat padaku

وبِوَادِي الْفَضْلِ عَاكِفْ
Pada lembah kurnia-Mu aku berada

فَأَدِمْ ربِّي عُكُـوْفِي
Wahai Tuhanku tetapkanlah keberadaanku disana

ولِحُسْنِ الظَّنِّ لاَزِم
Aku sentiasa mempunyai prasangka baik

فَهُوَ خِلِّي وحَلِيْفِي

Ia (prasangka baik) adalah teman dan kawanku

وأَنِيْسِي وجَلِيْسِي
Juga penyenang bagiku dan yang setia bersamaku

طُوْلَ لَيْلِي ونَهَارِي
Sepanjang malam dan siangku

حَاجَةً فِي النَّفْسِ يَا ربّ
Wahai Tuhanku, dalam jiwa ini terdapat hajat

فَاقْضِهَا يا خَيْرَ قَاضِي
Tunaikanlah Wahai yang Maha Menunaikan

وأَرِحْ سِرِّي وقَلْبِي
Tenteramkanlah rahsia dan hatiku

مِنْ لَظاَهَا والشُّوَاظِ 
Dari kebimbangan dan pergolakannya

فَالْهَنَا والْبَسْطُ حَالِي
 Sungguh aku akan berada dalam ketenteraman dan ketenangan

وشِعَارِي ودِثَارِي

Dan juga (ketenteraman dan ketenangan) menjadi pakaianku

Salam Perjuangan


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